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Last Week: In Our Community

In Uncategorized on February 2, 2009 at 5:54 pm

Paying Taxes, and Fearing Deportation
For years, anti-immigrant activists have claimed that immigrants don’t pay taxes and burden our welfare system. This article, however, examines how immigration enforcement has seized thousands of confidential taxpayers documents in Colorado and is combing through them to find and deport undocumented immigrants in a sting operation called “Operation Number Games.”

SoCal Border Agents Complain of Quotas
The fever of immigration enforcement has grown so much that some Southern California border agents are complaining that they are told to fill a quota of undocumented immigrant arrests each month. If they don’t meet the quota, their scheduled time off is threatened. The agents attest that this is infringing upon the quality of the arrests made, and the ability to uphold humane standards. One agent says he was dismissed for returning detainees to the station because they looked dehydrated rather than staying on the highway to make more arrest.

VIDEO: ICE Raid Targeting Latinos in Maryland

This video clip, taken from surveillance cameras at a 7/11 in Maryland, captures a raid on Latino day laborers waiting for work. As is apparent in the video, the ICE agents round up all persons that appear Latino within the vicinity and ignore any person of other racial and ethnic origins.

Iowa: What Happens When a Town Implodes

Almost eight months after the Agroprocessors raid inPostville, IA, this article tells the story of how the community is still suffering from what leaders call a “humanitarian and economic disaster.” Nearly 400 families are now in need of resources like food stamps, shelters, legal aid, and unemployment benefits.

Another Detention Death, Mounting Questions

Another detainee dies in Piedmont Regional Jail due to denied medical treatment, the second immigrant detainee death at this facility due to substandard conditions since it began accepting immigrant detainees a few years back. This article reports both the details of Mr. Newbrough’s death and the mounting questions developing around ICE’s detention practices.